DelNAM (Aug 2018 - July 2021)

Strengthening the Research Area of Delivery of Nucleic Acid Mimics (NAMs) into Bacteria to Fight the Antibiotic Crisis
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The DelNAM project aims to strenghten the research area of delivery of Nucleis Acid Mimics (NAMs) into bacteria to solve the antibiotic crisis. The team will develop an innovative solution based on the safe delivery of NAMs into bacteria with the aid of suitable carriers. 

DelNAM joins three top research groups, relying on a Twinning mechanism: Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto (FEUP), University of Ghent (UGhent), and University of Southern Denmark (SDU). Staff exchange between the partners, conferences, workshops and other scientific communications will improve the team's expertise in different but complementary research areas.

The project is also expected to raise the public's awareness towards the antibacterial resistance problem and the need for novel resistance-free solutions.

Nuno Azevedo
Nuno AzevedoAssistant
Rita Sobral Santos
Rita Sobral SantosJunior
Nuno Guimarães
Nuno GuimarãesJunior
Sara Pereira
Sara PereiraPhD
Luís Moreira
Luís MoreiraPhD
Beatriz Magalhães
Beatriz MagalhãesResearch
Mariana Gomes
Mariana GomesResearch
Portugal 2020
Compete 2020
Norte 2020
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